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Tarbiyah program at Renaissance Academy aims to foster Muslim identity including spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical aspects. Tarbiyah inculcates voice of Muslim identity, an identity built on the path of constant self-purification, self-correction, and self-development. Children become moral individuals through understanding, observing and doing. Daily Zuhr Salah with peers, Jumah Khutba, calling the Athan makes a great impact on a child

Qur’anic studies

Qur’anic studies are an important element of our curriculum from the earliest grades. In Pre-Kindergarten, students begin memorizing many of the short chapters of the Qur’an….


Arabic is the language that connects our students to the Islamic faith and is stressed as a core subject of study from the earliest grades with the goal of making our students fully bilingual……

Islamic Studies

A strong foundation in Islamic Studies is at the heart of Renaissance Academy’s mission. Our approach to the teaching of Islamic Studies is based on the belief that students ……