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Community Engagement & Service

Renaissance Academy students are committed to being responsible citizens to all communities in Austin. At Renaissance Academy we place huge emphasis on Community Service for our students. Our High School program requires students to choose and execute a community service project as a means to learn the value of donating their time for the good of others, develop organizational and leadership skills and be a role model for other students. It is critical for our youth to put time and effort in volunteering as this will help shape their personalities with well-rounded education.

Food Drive

Our students organize a can food drive campaign. This effort is kicked off with marketing activities like publishing of posters in community bulletin boards, distribution of flyers, placing advertisement in local newspapers and local TV channels when feasible. They choose a central location where donations are collected. Donated food are then dispersed to local food banks in Austin.

Recycling Program

In our recycling program, students visit a local recycling center to learn how materials are recycled in the community. They identify any areas within the community that could benefit from improvements to their recycling program and examine the practices and procedures at our school to see if changes can be made to improve its recycling program. After they collect the necessary data, they brainstorm ways that recycled materials can be used within our community. Plan a way to use recycled paper materials, and organize a collection of these materials. Include an educational presentation to help community members learn about the benefits of recycling paper materials.

Service at Mosques and other Voluntary Organizations

Offer to help in various ways at a local organizations. Many mosques need help with passing out bulletins, helping with educational classes, assisting with dawah services, participating with organization or assisting members who have special needs.

Adopt a Class

Under ‘Adopt a class’ program, our students select an elementary grade and spend time during the week with the students in their respective classrooms. Their activities in the classroom involve, reading books, setting up a writing program, creating special math games designed to make learning fun, and offer tutoring services to students who need extra help.

Beautification Project

One of our parents leads the beautification project. As part of this effort, the students participate in a beautification drive and cleanup of community facilities. Students enlist the help of volunteer students and adults to help pick up trash in community facilities and within our own school. The team organizes themselves into smaller groups with an assigned adult supervisor. The organizing student body provides gloves and trash bags, and choose a day to work to clean up the school or community.

Car Wash

Our students hold an annual community car wash event. As part of this efforts, the students enlist volunteer workers to wash police cars and other community fleet vehicles. They choose a day, provide the materials and meet in Renaissance parking lot to wash vehicles. Money raised as part of this effort are used to fuel youth activities.