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Our Course Offerings

Qur’anic Studies

Qur’anic studies are an important element of our curriculum from the earliest grades. In Pre-Kindergarten, students begin memorizing many of the short chapters of the Qur’an and are taught to understand the wisdom, beauty, and magnificence of the Book. As they grow older, students continue memorizing chapters as they also study the meanings and learn extensive Qur’anic vocabulary. A strong focus is placed on helping the students understand the relevance of the Qur’an to their lives by helping them understand its meanings and the principles and values that it promotes. Focus is also placed from a very young age on the correct pronunciation and reading of the Qur’an. By the time students enter middle school, they should have mastered all the rules of Tajweed so that they read correctly. In middle and high school, students continue memorizing and studying the meanings of some of the longer chapters and selected passages from the Qur’an.

Islamic Studies

A strong foundation in Islamic Studies is at the heart of Renaissance Academy’s mission. Our approach to the teaching of Islamic Studies is based on the belief that students should come to love Islam, learn Islam and live Islam. As students learn what it means to fully live a practicing Islamic lifestyle, the manner of teaching is done in a way to ensure that they will want to live such a lifestyle. Students come to have an in depth understanding of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as well as the history of the other Prophets (peace be upon all of them) and the Companions and early generations of Muslims in a way that makes them see them as role models to emulate. In addition they are taught the basic rules of Hadith, Fiqh, and Aqeedah. As students get older they come to understand Islam as a mission that guides their lives and provides them with important responsibilities toward their families, communities and society at large.


Arabic is the language that connects our students to the Islamic faith and is stressed as a core subject of study from the earliest grades with the goal of making our students fully bilingual.

In the Pre-Kindergarten program, students are spoken to in Arabic and are made to feel comfortable understanding and speaking simple everyday conversational Arabic. Stress is placed on correct pronunciation of the letters and words. In Kindergarten and 1st Grade, students are introduced to the alphabet and become accustomed to reading and writing in Arabic. As students progress through the program their vocabulary increases and they become increasingly able to understand, speak, read, and write Arabic in complex situations.