The New Campus Concept Plan

Character Building

Our primary goal at Renaissance is to cultivate successful character traits in our students

Academic Excellence

We strive for the highest standards in helping our students achieve their best academic potential

Leadership Building

We engage our students in activities and training that build leadership qualities in them

College Prep Program

Students at our school are provided comprehensive guidance in preparing for college and university

Our Distinguished Academy


Renaissance Academy is the leading provider of child day care and early childhood education. Centrally located in North Austin, it serves Greater Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, George Town with age-appropriate programs… for Pre Kindergarten (Prek-2, PreK-3 , PreK-4)…

Elementary School

Renaissance Academy excels at providing state of the art primary education along with Islamic studies. Our Elementary School teachers are trained with emphases on human cognitive and psychological development of your child.

Middle School

Renaissance Academy has adopted the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum standards and has added to them a strong program in Arabic Language, Quran and Islamic Studies…

High School

Renaissance offers a balanced High School curriculum that incorporates the Texas State graduation requirements and offers students the opportunity to go above and beyond….

You are at the Doorsteps of
Academic and Spiritual Excellence !

Our Course Offerings

Our School

Renaissance Academy is a full-time Islamic school located in the heart of Austin, Texas, and has been serving the Greater Austin Community since 2007. The school has been providing Pre-k through College-Prep High School programs with a 100% graduation rate. Graduates have been admitted to Tier 1 colleges such as UC Berkeley, UT Austin, Texas A&M and more. The curriculum at Renaissance Academy supports the Advanced Placement Program (AP) courses. 


At Renaissance we strongly believe in using the latest technology and tools to promote learning. As part of this effort, we have installed Interactive White Boards (IWBs) in all the classroom. Additionally we have invested in online teaching technologies to accommodate remote schooling.

Why Renaissance ?


A strong identity that reflects pride in Islam and a clear sense of mission


Character, values, and morals that are aligned with the teachings of Islam


The ability and desire to properly perform their spiritual duties of prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage


Arabic language proficiency


Strong understanding of technology


Assertive verbal and written communication skills


Well-developed critical thinking and problem solving skills


Leadership traits that will prepare them for future academic and social roles

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