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Renaissance Academy Governance Model

The Renaissance Education Foundation is governed by 9 board and 33 advisory council members.

Advisory Council Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee consists of 3 members. The committee members are appointed by the board based on merit and contributions to the school. They are responsible for processing AC nominations using information listed in the AC enrollment form. They have also been given the charge to make their own decisions based on the criteria established in the REF governance. Finally, the Committee will recommend candidates to become part of the Advisory Council.

Advisory Council Membership

The Council may consist of up to 33 members representing the different facets of the Community. Council Members are chosen for their contributions and/or skill sets they bring to help the Foundation to achieve its vision and mission. Membership on the Council is recommended by the AC Nomination Committee appointed by the Board of Directors with majority approval of the Board. The AC will nominate a Chair and a Secretary once the AC is formed. The term of appointment to the Council shall be two (2) years. Council Members agree not to receive any monetary compensation from the organization.

The REF Board will solicit AC for nomination for any vacant Board positions. To fill in any vacant Board positions, the AC will then nominate 3 candidates for each vacant Board positions from the AC who are in good standing. To qualify for board nomination, the AC member is expected to have a good standing for a minimum period of six months by actively participating in AC meetings and fulfilling duties as assigned by the AC Chair, and current on membership dues.

Advisory Council Roles

  • Support the vision and mission of the REF.

  • Help and support REF Board in the strategic initiatives.

  • Promote REF vision and mission in community at large. In short, be an ambassador of REF and advocate for REF projects such as Islamic schools, extracurricular services, leadership workshops, education to parents, neighbors, friends and community at large.

  • Be proactive and aware of the challenges facing REF initiatives such as Renaissance Academy (RA)

  • Be involved with the parent community and facilitate communication between stakeholders.

  • Suggest creative ways for mobilizing Parents and Community for greater good of REF initiatives.

  • Participate in different committees formed towards improvement of REF initiatives.

Advisory Council Responsibilities

  • Abide by the guidelines, processes and protocols laid out for the AC.

  • Keep strict confidentiality of the affairs of the REF and all the affiliates.

  • Volunteer at least 2 hours/week or as needed to fulfill AC member responsibilities.

  • Be aware of the concerns and issues of Parents and Community of REF initiatives.

  • Volunteer in sub-committees for the school improvements.

  • Volunteer for the fund raising efforts for REF initiatives.

  • The AC and its members are NOT responsible for the operation of REF and its initiatives (such as RA).

Advisory Council Member Eligibility

  • Must be aligned with the vision and mission of REF and RA.

  • Be at least 21 years of age.

  • Cannot be a current staff member of REF and its affiliates (such as RA)

  • Should have a history or desire for volunteering in non-profit institutions.

  • Should not be a source of disruption or disparagement for REF and/or RA.

  • Must not have any felony charges and any outstanding litigation in his/her personal records.

Note: Not meeting any of the above terms will result in the disqualification as an Advisory Council nominee.

Advisory Council Membership Form Process

  • Only one AC nomination will be allowed per family.

  • Each nomination needs to be seconded by another RA parent or a community member.

  • The nominee will fill out the nomination form, sign and return as instructed.

  • The committee will be responsible for collecting nomination forms and conducting administrative screening based on eligibility criteria listed in section 4.0 above.

  • The Committee will submit eligible nominees to the board for final approval.

Please feel free to contact the RA School Board for any questions or concerns you may have. The board is composed of part-time volunteers with full-time jobs, so please allow at least 3 days for a response.