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School is like a second home to our students and just as we are committed to their academic advancement, we are equally committed to their social and psychological development. Following the noble example of Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – all of our teachers, staff, and volunteers are trained to respect the humanity of each and every one of our students. We believe in consistent and strict discipline policies – but never at the expense of the dignity and humanity of our students. At Renaissance Academy, we believe strongly that our faith demands we establish a comfortable, loving, and caring environment in which everyone is respected and valued. When children are comfortable and happy, they learn well while growing to have strong self-esteem.

Today’s children are growing up in an era of rapid technological and social change that is unprecedented in world history. Our school exists to ensure that our students can meet the various challenges presented by the era in which they live. At Renaissance Academy, we are committed to developing and nurturing a culture, climate and vision in which students are challenged to reach high academic standards, are comfortable and respected by the faculty, administration, and their peers, and are guided to a deep and abiding love of Islam. Islam is a mission that when correctly understood and applied enables us to understand our responsibilities in administering an Islamic school while also giving our students the commitment, motivation and dedication to strive for success in all their endeavors and the strength, fortitude, and courage to meet and overcome all the challenges they face.

This student portal will provide valuable resources to our students. The portal includes a student blog to facilitate and promote dialog among the Renaissance student body. Please browse through this section to learn more about the student activities at Renaissance.