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Frequently Asked Questions

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary method of quality assurance and is designed primarily to distinguish schools adhering to a set of educational standards. The accreditation process also ensures that the school has the ability to effectively drive student performance and continuous improvement in education. While accreditation is a set of rigorous protocols and research-based processes for evaluating an institution’s organizational effectiveness, it is far more than that. Today accreditation examines the whole institution—the programs, the cultural context, the community of stakeholders—to determine how well the parts work together to meet the needs of students.

There are several agencies that evaluate and grant accreditation to schools. Renaissance Academy is accredited from Pre-K through High School by AdvancEd a global leader in advancing education excellence through accreditation and school improvement. To read more about AdvancEd, please visit www.advanc-ed.org

How has Renaissance Academy benefited from the accreditation process?

The accreditation process and the insights gained from this self-assessment have helped Renaissance Academy realize the importance of collaboration with all stakeholders as the most successful way to lead improvement efforts. A parent satisfaction survey had always been an important part of the process of soliciting input to help improve student learning and school effectiveness at Renaissance.

Program Benefits

Texas Rising Star and Austin Rising Star providers are eligible to receive:

  • Materials and equipment ordered especially for you
  • Child Development college course scholarships
  • CDA assessment fees paid
  • Free child development consultant
  • Free staff training
  • Tools for continued quality improvement
  • Marketing tools
  • Recognition reception
  • Recognition at semi-annual provider meetings
What are Renaissance Academy’s greatest strengths?

The sense of vision and purpose that has enabled Renaissance Academy to nurture the kind of campus culture that it has is clearly a strength of the school. All stakeholders understand, support, and feel ownership of the school’s mission and vision because they all had a direct stake in defining and operationalizing the mission and vision statements as well as the school objectives and beliefs. The school’s mission and vision has brought about a culture of high expectations which promotes student learning while keeping students, staff, the administration, and board motivated, committed and hardworking. The school’s clear and agreed upon vision has engendered a shared purpose, mutual trust and camaraderie among all stakeholders.

Another of Renaissance Academy’s greatest strengths is the clear commitment that all stakeholders have toward continuous school improvement. At Renaissance, school improvement is a process that is embedded in everything that is done at the school. Students, staff, the administration, parents, and the board are always striving to find areas in which the school can improve and when those areas are identified, all stakeholders work together as a team to overcome any hurdles and face any challenges that are standing in the way of further progress and school improvement. This strength of the school is linked to the strength of common and agreed upon vision and purpose because it is through that shared understanding and commitment that the school remains focused on the objective of improvement.

What are the benefits of being Texas Rising Star Certified Pre-School?

The Texas Rising Star and Austin Rising Star programs were developed to provide families with the quality child care they need.

To be a Texas Rising Star or an Austin Rising Star, child care providers must meet quality requirements that exceed the state’s minimum licensing standards and that are designed to enhance the intellectual, physical, and social development of the children in care.

The Texas Rising Star Program and Austin Rising Star programs are free, voluntary programs for child care providers and assess quality standards in these areas:

  • Licensing standards
  • Director qualifications
  • Staff qualifications
  • Staff orientation
  • Staff training
  • Group size
  • Staff orientation
  • Curriculum/activities
  • Caregiver to child interactions
  • Indoor/outdoor environments
  • Health and safety
  • Nutrition/meal times
  • Early literacy
  • Parental involvement
How can I contribute towards this noble mission?

Renaissance Education Foundation is an organization that relies on community members and volunteers to succeed. Please click here to mail us your inquiries and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.