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Frequently Asked Questions about Renaissance

1. Who owns the Renaissance Education Foundation (dba Renaissance Academy) building and assets?

The Renaissance Academy building and assets are owned by Renaissance Education Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization registered in the state of Texas.  The warranty deed is available at the Travis County Clerk office.  To view the warranty deed, visit Search Real Estate Index: Selection Criteria – Travis County Clerk Web Access ( and use “Renaissance Education Foundation” as the party name.  You can also view the ownership records at TravisCAD by clicking on the following link: 

PropertySummaryReport-272672-2023 (  All Renaissance real estate and other assets are owned by the community.

2. Who manages Renaissance education foundation?

Renaissance education foundation is managed and run by our local community members.   Click here for more information on the governance structure.

3. Will the new land purchase be trusted to NAIT or a similar organization?

The new land acquisition will be registered in the name of Renaissance Education Foundation, a Texas based 501c3 nonprofit organization.  When we complete the build up of the new facility, the assets will be WAFQ under a national organization such as NAIT.

4. Is the current Renaissance Academy facility WAQF under NAIT or similar organization?
  1. This is a community asset and is currently owned by Renaissance Education Foundation a Texas based 501c3 nonprofit organization.
  2. For a community asset to be WAQF under any national organization, it needs to be free and clear of any loans, liens etc., Renaissance completed the loan payoff in 2020 and has plans to WAQF the asset in future after we execute on the expansion plan. Having independence over the control of the assets allows the foundation to execute the expansion plans with much-needed flexibility.
  3. Once the expansion project is complete and the real estate assets are free and clear of any loans, we will WAQF these under NAIT or alike organization.
5. As a community member, do I have access to the foundation’s financial record?

Renaissance Education Foundation financials are public information.  Please visit  Tax Exempt Organization Search | Internal Revenue Service ( enter the EIN as 51-0604150 to view or download the tax returns. 

Tax Return for last academic year 2021-2022 are being processed by the IRS at this time and should be updated on the IRS website soon. 2022-2023 tax return has yet to be filed with the IRS. In the meantime, if you wish to see the most current financial records, please schedule a meeting with our financial officer by emailing