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Did you know that children who aren’t engaged in educational activities during the summer lose about 2.6 months of Math skills, and 2 months of Reading skills, and memorized Surahs.

Our summer program focuses on keeping children engaged in math and reading activities as well as Qur’anic Arabic, Islamic Morals and Surah Recitation.

Summer vacation is going to be here before we know it, and with it; it’s dreaded side kick BRAIN DRAIN!!

But there is a way to prevent BRAIN DRAIN from entering your home and robbing your children of what they’ve learned in school.

Monthly Tuition Fees for Summer School

Category Fees
Pre-K (8.00am. ~ 3.00pm.) $525
Pre-K (8.00am. ~ 5.00pm.) $645
KG – 2nd (8.00am. ~ 3.00pm.) $425
KG – 2nd (8.00am. ~ 5.00pm.) $545