Elementary School

Why Renaissance Elementary School?

Renaissance Academy is the leading provider of primary education along with Islamic studies. Our Elementary School teachers are trained with emphases on human cognitive and psychological development of your child. Our staff focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills, introducing children to the broad range of subjects, knowledge, skills and behavioral adjustment they need to succeed academia and spiritually in life.

Language Arts

A fundamental goal of Renaissance Academy’s Language Arts program is to provide our students with strong communication and writing skills. Beginning in our Pre-K program, we provide our students with a rigorous phonics program that enables them to become confident readers at a young age. In our elementary and middle school programs we integrate the teaching of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through age-appropriate literature and basic skills instruction augmented with vocabulary and grammar enrichment. From a young age, students are taught important writing traits and are encouraged to express themselves through writing. In middle and high school, we put a strong focus in our language arts program on research, writing, and presentation skills in addition to the building of critical thinking skills through deep analysis and discussion of relevant literature.


In science, Renaissance Academy’s goal is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the scientific method. From even the lowest grades, an inquiry-based scientific program that provides students with a hand-on, experimental approach is used with the aim of giving students a deep understanding of scientific principles as well as an appreciation of the use of science in a way that makes science a fun and engaging project. In the upper grades, a strong emphasis is placed on conducting individual science projects as well as group laboratory work. In the middle school, students are able to explore an in depth analysis of earth, life and physical sciences with extensive enrichment with increasingly complex chemistry and biological concepts. The high school program is college preparatory in nature enabling students to graduate with a number of college credits.


The math curriculum emphasizes a strong grounding in fundamental computation skills alongside a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. In the lower grades, a hands-on, activity based program with the extensive use of math manipulatives is used to provide students with mastery over the understanding and practice of the basic math facts that they need for problem solving and higher math skills. In the upper elementary grades, an even stronger focus is placed on problem solving skills as the students formulate strategies to solve increasingly complex math problems. In the middle school, students are provided with strong algebra and geometry programs and the high school program is college preparatory in nature enabling students to graduate with a number of college credits.

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