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Alhamdulillah, Renaissance is one of multiple organizations that Allah (swt) has blessed to serve this community. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you the Renaissance story and the unprecedented successes that came about solely through the Sheer Mercy of Allah swt. Several of you supported this project enabling Renaissance Academy to become a beacon in the community.

When the Renaissance Education Foundation conceived the idea of establishing an Islamic School in North Austin, we sought community input through holding a community-wide survey which found extensive support for a school and helped the board focus on the location in which the school would best serve community needs and desires. The Foundation followed up on the survey with a number of public forums, the first of which was held in February of 2007 and was attended by approximately 400 people. That open forum sought community input and proved extremely useful in helping the Foundation finalize its plans. The exchange of ideas during that forum provided useful data, which – in addition to the survey responses – played an important role in establishing the school’s initial mission statement and school objectives.

An Advisory Council was established in which key community members and potential parents were provided a structured framework in which they could voice their opinion directly to the Board. The extensive outreach to the community helped Renaissance Academy open in the fall of 2007 with 140 students.

Traditional Approach

Traditionally, Muslim non-profit educational organizations follow the approach of purchasing the land, developing it and then start constructing to render a school facility.

Renaissance Approach

However, Renaissance took a different approach. As there was a dire need for an Islamic school to serve the Muslim community in a specific demography, Renaissance Education Foundation adopted a strategic approach by right away purchasing the school facility on a lease to own model (Islamic financing) to launch Renaissance Academy. This approach satisfied the immediate need for an Islamic school and also delivered Return on Investment (ROI) for the community from day one; resulting in prudent use of community resources towards this noble project. Normally projects similar to Renaissance Academy take at least 3 years to get launched.