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At Renaissance Academy, we have Kindergym, which is a gymnastics, motor skill and creative movement program for our PreK students. Each PreK class attends a 30 minute Kindergym session once a week

In Kindergym, different gymnastics equipment specifically designed for the pre school aged child is used to optimize the learning experience!

  • A wedge teaches forward, backward and diving rolls
  • An octagon teaches the beginnings of bridges and back handsprings
  • A small parallel bar is introduced also to 3 different type flips over the bar
  • A jumping board teaches different gymnastics jumps that help the preschooler learn body control and awareness
  • balance beam that is along the ground is used weekly to practice balancing and motor skill activities

Also used each week is a large folding mat which all equipment is used over. The folding mat allows for different floor stretching and gymnastics skills such as rolls, bridges, monkey and donkey jumps, beginnings of cartwheels, wheelbarrows and many more!

Each Kindergym class also uses a lot of fun props to make learning all the skills fun! For example, for learning a crab walk, a stuffed crab is introduced to the student for tactile learning and fun! Each class also incorporates many motor skill activities and obstacle courses to keep the students interest and make learning fun!