Ramadan Program

Since its inception, Renaissance Academy in conjunction with Renaissance Education Foundation was the first center to establish special Taraweeh for youth. The program is tailored to imbibe the significance and essence of the blessed month of Ramadan in our youth. Renaissance has strived to bring in Shuyukh who can be role models for our young generation.

Our spiritually uplifting Ramadan program normally includes the following activities:



After Isha


Every Friday & Saturday of Ramadan


Last 10 days of Ramadan



After Isha

Youth Khatera

After Youth Taraweeh

Extra Curricular Activities

After Youth Taraweeh

Other Events in Ramadan

Qiyam Night for Boys

Date will be announced in Ramadan

Qiyam Night for Girls

Date will be announced in Ramadan

Central Texas Quran Competition

Last 10 days of Ramadan

Henna Night

An exclusive event for sisters in the last week of Ramadan


About Annual Central Texas Regional Quran Competition

This noble effort started as a means to help the community connect with the Qur’an. Ramadan is the month of Quran and the goal of this competition is to help each member of our community rekindle his or his relationship with the Qur’an. We hope that memorizing various suwar of the Qur’an and correcting our Tajweed will serve as a starting point for this relationship. It is our sincere hope that this competition serves the purpose of motivating our community members to memorize the word of Allah, correct our mistakes in Tajweed and thereby start our relationship with the word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala at a different level. Event dates will be announced during the month of Ramadan.


Youth Qiyam Night (Sleep over night)

Renaissance Education Foundation is the first organization in Austin to host an exclusive Qiyam night for our beloved youth. Qiyam programs are held for boys and girls on separate days in the last 10 days of Ramadan.  The youth Qiyam night starts at Isha time and concludes after Fajr slat the following day.  Our youth enjoy the popular IHOP suhr.


Henna Night

Renaissance Education Foundation has established the tradition of hosting Henna Night, an exclusive event for our sisters in the last week of Ramadan. This fun-filled night comprises of a bazaar and henna stalls.  This event provides our beloved youth (girls) an opportunity to conclude the spiritual month of Ramadan and start the preparation for celebrating Eid.

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Renaissance Education Foundation

Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is an Austin based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to support youth activities that cater to the need of our community. REF's mission is to promote academic excellence, leadership skills, and distinguished moral principles in youth by providing infrastructural, operational and monetary support. Renaissance Academy is a REF initiative.

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