Mission & Vision


The Mission of Renaissance Academy is to graduate students with academic excellence, leadership skills and distinguished moral principles who contribute to society and fully live the values of Islam.



Renaissance Academy graduates will play a leading role in American society.


Belief Statements

Belief Statements are the principles and ideas that we share as a school community, that lie at the core of our philosophy and that guide the development and implementation of school objectives, mission and annual plans.


We believe:

  • The correct implementation of Islamic principles and values will lead to success for the individual and the school
  • Students benefit academically in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment
  • Challenging expectations increase individual student performance
  • Students learn best when provided with a variety of teaching styles, strategies, and techniques
  • All students can learn, achieve, and succeed when provided with developmentally appropriate learning activities
  • Motivation and acceptance of responsibility is imperative to successful learning
  • Parental participation enhances high expectations, student motivation and achievement
  • Staff who are committed to their profession and are themselves life-long learners make better teachers
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills are among the most important skills needed for lifelong success
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    Renaissance Education Foundation

    Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) is an Austin based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to support youth activities that cater to the need of our community. REF's mission is to promote academic excellence, leadership skills, and distinguished moral principles in youth by providing infrastructural, operational and monetary support. Renaissance Academy is a REF initiative.

    Contact Details

    14401 Owen-Tech Blvd
    Austin, TX 78728

    Ph: 512-252-2277
    Fax: 512-252-2275

    e-mail: info@racademy.org