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If you have a toddler and are in search of a safe and secure day care, Renaissance Academy is your one stop solution. Renaissance Academy is pleased to announce a unique full-time instructional Pre-school program.  Program highlights include:


  • A fully accredited program by SACS CASI
  • A 4 Star - Texas Rising Star accredited program
  • A curriculum based Pre-K program co-located with the regular full time Islamic School facilitate parents to drop off siblings at same location.
  • Renaissance Academy focuses on academics, character building, moral education, and extracurricular activities.
  • Fun-filled Learning Centers
  • Well balanced Curriculum
  • Program led by a specialist with several years of experience in running a day care
  • A program that gives you priority for admission into our Elementary School
  • Art Center:
  • It supports all areas of child development and fosters children's imagination and creativity. By painting a colorful picture, singing a song and role-playing with their friends, children learn to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in new and creative ways.


  • Math & Manipulatives:
  • This center exposes children to numbers, quantities, measurements, shapes, and their relationship to one another. It also supports the development of children's math skills by creating hands-on experiences and by presenting problems to children at their developmental level. When math is presented in a fun and creative way, it leads children to develop abstract reasoning skills, learn complex math concepts, and create solutions to real-life problems.


  • Science:
  • Our science centers enable children to study the world and how it works. Children are natural scientists, and by experimenting and exploring they learn about the world they live in.


  • Language:
  • The Language Center supports a children’s language skills like early experiences with speaking and listening allowing children to engage in conversations; exposing them to new words; singing songs; discussing symbols and their meaning; and encouraging expression of thoughts, feelings, and opinions through words.


  • Reading:
  • This center helps children immerse in literacy-rich environments and fostering a love of reading. It also supports young children's literacy skills by identifying print, recognizing letters, developing a love of books and appreciating the rhythm of language.


    All of our Learning Centers focus on: Helping children become caring, competent, and confident individuals. Our Teachers nurture children's social emotional development by giving them a strong sense of self, fostering their independence, encouraging them to make friends, and teaching them to share.


    We offer Developmentally Appropriate and Challenging Curriculum planned around your child’s needs and Learning Styles.



  • Story time
  • Separation challenges
  • Weekly themed curriculum
  • Focus on motor skills
  • Building vocabulary
  • Group/individual activities
  • Books, stories and songs
  • Age appropriate toys and materials



  • Center based classroom
  • Computers, Math & Manipulatives, Pre writing, Pre reading, Dramatic Play, Science & Art
  • Weekly themes
  • Small group activities
  • Arabic/Language/Islamic Studies/Quran
  • Calendar/Circle time
  • Focus on Letter recognition.

    We teach children to identify each letter and then to comprehend and relate the letter to a picture or word after that to apply it, and then to practice how to trace it and on the last day of the week we experiment with it. This way our children are exposed to the letter they are to learn for a whole week in which time they can complete a learning cycle.




  • Center based classrooms/Traditional strong academic structure.
  • Computers, SAXON Math & Manipulatives, Pre writing, Pre reading, Dramatic Play, Science & Art
  • Self help skills
  • Story time
  • Sign Language
  • Arabic Language/Islamic Studies/Quran
  • Calendar/Circle Time
  • Journaling (Inventive Spelling)
  • Focus on Emergent Reading using the STARFALL Learning Program.


    All of the children have scheduled outside play in a safe and inviting area, where the teachers actively interact with them.


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