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Renaissance Education Foundation believes that quality education offered by Renaissance Academy should be available to all families. To help families who cannot afford to pay full tuition, a  financial assistance program has been established. This program is funded by charitable donations, including Zakat and Sadaqah, from the community and provides tuition assistance to families with demonstrated financial needs.

Parents who cannot pay full tuition, and have considered other means at their disposal, may apply for financial assistance. In order to be given consideration for tuition assistance, the attached form must be completed in its entirety. All information on this form and attached documentation like paycheck stubs, W-2’s, federal tax form and all its schedules are necessary to insure that the available funding is distributed in an equitable manner. Please know all information is deemed confidential and will only be shared with Financial Assistance Committee (FA). The Financial Assistance Committee makes the final determination of assistance to be granted. The FA committee considers many factors including family income, size, commitment to schools like Renaissance Academy, availability for volunteer work at school, and funds allocated for the program. Applications received before open-enrollment period receive priority consideration. Newly enrolled students are normally not considered for tuition assistance before end of early registration period. Requests for tuition assistance will be considered only when a completed registration application along with the registration fee are is already submitted.

The financial assistance application can be picked up from the school office.