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Renaissance Academy is the leading provider of primary education along with Islamic studies. Our Elementary School teachers are trained with emphases on human cognitive and psychological development of your child.

Our staff focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills, introducing children to the broad range of subjects, knowledge, skills and behavioral adjustment they need to succeed academia and spiritually in life.

Elementary students learn basic arithmetic and sometimes rudimentary algebra in mathematics, English proficiency (such as basic grammar, spelling, and vocabulary), and fundamentals of other subjects with primary focus on Arabic, reading, understandings and memorization of last chapter of Quran. Our staff constantly improves learning standards by identifying all areas of a curriculum including  Arabic, Islamic Studies, mathematics, social studies, science, physical development, fine arts and reading. Teachers use a variety of ways to teach, with a focus on getting and retaining your child’s attention. Humor is sometimes used. Cartoons, images, video clips using smart boards. All students pray Zuhr with Jamah and attend Friday congregation led by seniors staff, Alumni and students.

Basic subjects that are taught in elementary classes include Arabic, Islamic studies, social studies, Mathematics, English, physical education and art classes. The broad topic of these subjects includes key events, documents, understandings, and concepts in American history, geography, Islamic history, Stories of prophets. Reading, writing and math proficiency greatly affect performance in social studies, science and other content areas. Our experienced staff focus on having a curricula that place greater emphasis on these areas that are specifically tested for improvement.

At Renaissance Academy your child is given plenty of room to excel. With technology integration, smart boards in all of our classrooms and a refined atmosphere, our campus offers plenty of room for your child to think big and become the best possible version of him or herself inculcating the values of Islam right from the beginning. Our campus, excellent infrastructure, refined atmosphere along with dedicated staff makes the necessary environment to produce a child who thinks logically, solves problems, thrives socially, and displays an exceptional strength of character.