2016 Austin Energy Regional Science Fair Results

Elementary Awards

Names Ribbon Title
Haya Amir 1st Flow of Current
Jenna Khanfar 1st Which drink damages your teeth the most?
Ayaan Akber 1st Magnetic Force
Muneeb Syed 2nd Blowing balloons with chemical reactions
Imaan Ali 1st Metals vs Salt Water and Fresh Water
Amina Meddad 1st The Candle Race
Neena Haiderzaidi Size of the Craters on the Moon
Fahd Haiderzaidi 1st Wi Fi Signals
Danya Kassem 1st Geodes
Yasmine Ally 2nd Flower Power
Abdur-Rehman Yusufani 1st Pearly Whites
Beesan Hirzalla 1st Wash and Dry Impact on Fabrics

Middle School Awards

Names Place Category Title
AbdulSamad Oza 1st Chemistry Which Antacid Helps Relieve Heartburn the Best
Baahira Akber 1st Plant Sciences Is Hydroponics Better for Plant Root Growth?

High School Awards

Names Place Category Title
Saima Khan 2nd Animal Sciences The Effectiveness of Combination Therapy of Chronotropic Agents on the Heart Rate of Daphnia magna
Sadaf Karim 4th Behavioral & Social Sciences How Do Fears Change By Age and Gender?
Maaz Syed 4th Earth & Environmental Sciences Carbon Capture
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