Austin Energy Regional Science Festival

Renaissance Middle and High School students won 9 place awards with 5 students advanced to state level.

Senior (High School) Division:

Name Place
Category Topic
Hana Farid 2nd Biochemistry Seeing Red! The Effect of Low Oxygen Levels on Hemoglobin Production
Saima Khan 2nd Microbiology A Study of the Effect of Bacteriostatic Antibiotics, Bactericidal Antibiotics, and a Combination of Both on the K-12 Strain of Escherichia Coli
Duriba Khan 3rd Environmental Sciences The Effect of Fly Ash on Murraya Koenigii Growth
Shazma Khan 3rd Biochemistry Targetting the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway in Cancer Therapy: Novel Combinations for Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Nabeela Naeem 3rd Mathematical Sciences Lines that Collide: Is the incenter of a triangle equidistant from the sides?
Niama Ahmad 4th Physics and Astronomy H2O Just Add Temperature
Maryam Abdul-Moheeth 5th Plant Sciences Determining the Optimum External Carbon Dioxide Concentration for Maximal Photosynthesis Rate in Spinacia Oleracea.
Autia Ayub 5th Mathematical Sciences Exploring Fractals: The Mandelbrot and Julia Sets

Junior (Middle School) Division:

  • 5th Place: Murtuza Khan: Biochemistry

Elementary Division:

11 students from the Elementary Division participated and Renaissance 9 first place awards and 2 second place awards.

Amina Meddad 3rd Grade 1st Place Age Affects Body Temperature
Abdurahman Azeez 3rd Grade 1st Place Heating Bags of Water Using Solar Energy
Mona Abdul-Moheeth 5th Grade 1st Place The effect of light color on Photosynthesis rate
Abdul Samad Oza 5th Grade 1st Place Water on the water
Jafar Azeez 5th Grade 1st Place Turbines
Rayyan Merchant 5th Grade 1st Place Solar panels vs electrical outlet
Asma Khan 4th Grade 1st Place Electromagnetic Buzzer
Omar Yacoub 4th Grade 1st Place Coin Batteries
Adam Amir 4th Grade 1st Place Periscope Hovercraft
Rahmah Merchant 3rd Grade 2nd Place Tooth Hazards
Arshia Shaik 4th Grade 2nd Place Levers

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